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Our HR Seminars

Our HR Webinars offers the following in-person HR seminars to help with your HR training and career development needs. Each of these seminars provides excellent training from industry experts to help you stay in compliance and avoid penalties - as well as develop networking opportunities.

To see the full course description, available cities and dates, and the course agenda for each of these HR training seminars, simply click the course title.

If our listed cities and dates don't work for you, or you simply prefer to do your HR training via self-study or online formats, then click here for a full listing of our online HR training classes.

Available HR Seminars

Certificate Program For HR Generalists

Discover vital employment law knowledge, critical strategies to perfect your HR skills, and earn your HR Generalist Certificate!

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Certificate Program For HR Leadership

This workshop is designed for experienced HR professionals looking to advance in their careers and/or take on a more strategic approach in their organization.

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Certificate Program In FMLA & ADA Compliance

Discover vital employment law knowledge, critical strategies to perfect your HR skills, and earn your certificate in FMLA and ADA Compliance and Best Practice

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Internal Investigations Certificate Program

Our intensive three-day program is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in internal investigations.

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Advanced Internal Investigations Certificate Program

The Advanced Internal Investigations Certificate Program is an advanced course on internal investigations. It goes beyond the basic what, why, and how of conducting an internal investigation and focuses primarily on advanced investigatory issues.

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Managing HR In California

By attending this one-day program, you will gain insight into California’s wage and hour laws, Pay & Scheduling requirements, leaves, California’s safe workplace requirements, and more.

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Workplace Mentoring And Coaching 101: Key Skills For Managers And Leaders

Learn the necessary skills to effectively coach and develop employees and team members, along with practical strategies for coaching and mentoring success.

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Bring Our Training To Your Location!

On-site training is quicker, easier, and more cost-effective, so why not have us come to you? We offer a number of programs that you can offer at your office or city, saving your people and organization travel time and costs. Either call us at 678-366-3959 or fill out and submit our request form to get started!

Benefits Of Private Training:

  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient
  • Customizable
  • Confidential
  • Positive effect on team dynamics
  • Flexible: You decide the best date and time to meet based on your company or team's schedule

On-site training is definitely more cost-effective if you need eight or more people trained. Generally speaking, the costs are as follows:

  • Base cost of $9,950, which covers all costs and materials for up to ten employees
  • $499 for each attendee over ten
  • Up to two hours of customization provided free
  • Speaker fee included
You also are responsible for any travel, hotel, and venue costs. Even so, the total cost is still more than 50% off of the costs of sending your team to one of our publically-held sessions!

Note: We can also accommodate requests for customized content or "combinations" for training. That is, we can combine both in-person and online training needs into one consolidated solution. Please be sure to include this fact in the request form if this is a need for your organization.

Other Available HR Training Seminars

A variety of other HR training seminars are available through, our sister website. Some of these include:

Need other training? Go to to view other courses.

HR Training Seminars In Key States provides HR Generalist, FMLA/ADA, Internal Investigations, and other HR training seminars in cities and states thoughout the United States.

These seminars provide key information that an HR professional must know and do successfully in order to succeed at his or her job. By attending, you will learn a variety of information, including:
  • Understanding HR's role within the organization to add maximum value
  • Your compliance obligations regarding FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and other applicable laws
  • Best practices in handling disciplinary action and terminations to avoid stepping on legal land mines
  • Understanding today's "must-have" company policies to minimize risk of litigation
  • Employer obligations regarding when to conduct workplace investigations
Each seminar culminates in a certificate that can be added to resumes and that shows proficiency in the human resources profession.

Here are some of our most sought-after courses in a few selected states: Prefer On-Site Training?

Prefer having us come to your location for this training? Contact us if you have a group of nine or more for details, including discounted pricing.

HR Certification offers in-person seminars to help with your HR training and career development needs. Signup for an upcoming human resources seminar!

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