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Human Resources Certifications

Earn An HR Certification!

Benefits Of An HR Certification Or An HR Certificate Program

HR certification programs offer HR professionals a chance to acquire essential skills that can help enhance and advance both your knowledge and your career. Benefits of a Human Resources certification include: Earn An HR Certification
  • Increased knowledge, skills, and competency
  • Additional credibility and validity
  • Differentiates you from co-workers or competition
  • Increases your job mobility – and makes you more likely to receive pay increases!

Certification Programs For HR Compliance

Listed below are several great Human Resources certification programs to help with your HR compliance needs. Each of these is an online HR certification program that includes numerous tips, examples, and procedural recommendations to help meet your HR compliance responsibilities.
FMLA Training & Certification ProgramFMLA Traning Certification Course

When an employee misses work, it is the employer's responsibility to determine whether FMLA applies. You can't afford not to know the rules!

Our FMLA Training & Certification Program contains comprehensive information about FMLA, including numerous examples, illustrations, and compliance tips to help you understand and comply with FMLA and its requirements.

Besides the basics, our FMLA certification course will teach you how to:

  • Distinguish between family leaves and medical leaves and know which are subject to the law
  • Identify what constitutes a "serious health condition"
  • Determine when an employee on intermittent leave has used up his or her "12 weeks"
  • Understand the different considerations for determining a leave year, and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach
  • Develop notices that comply with the various technical requirements of FMLA
  • Comply with the DOL's employment restoration and benefit protection rules
ADA Training & Certification ProgramADA Training & Certification Program

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or "ADA", prohibits discrimination in recruitment, hiring, training, promotions, pay, social activities, and other privileges of employment.

The ADA also restricts questions that can be asked about an individual's disability, requires employers to make certain "reasonable accommodations", has strict rules on medical certifications, and more. Employers also are required to provide qualified individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to benefit from the full range of employment-related opportunities available to others.

COBRA Training & Certification ProgramCOBRA Training & Certification Program

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) generally requires that a covered group health plan provide an employee, a spouse, and a dependent child who was covered under the plan on the day immediately preceding the occurrence of a qualifying event with the opportunity to continue to participate in the group health plan after such individual's participation in the group health plan would otherwise terminate.

Changing rules, regulations, and court cases make COBRA compliance extremely complex. And as several well-known Fortune 500 companies have learned the hard way, improper COBRA administration can have costly results.

The Integrated Leave Management Training & Certification ProgramIntegrated Certification Program

Leave Management is fraught with peril for HR Administrators under numerous instances. For instance, when does COBRA apply when someone does not return from FMLA leave? Does ADA or FMLA law take precedence? Does a return from a Workers' Comp injury provide the need for a Reasonable Accommodation under the ADA?

FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and Workers' Compensation are difficult enough to administer independently, let alone when you must determine which rule or law takes precedence over another. Our "Integrated Leave Management" Training & Certification Program provides excellent guidance on administering these complex laws, including:

  • Know how to integrate FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and Workers' Compensation leave rules and requirements
  • Determine which law has precendence in certain situations
  • Understand when - and if - COBRA should be offered in relation to FMLA leaves
  • How USERRA integrates with FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and Cafeteria Plans

The Program also includes an optional test for those who wish to earn a "Certified Leave Management Administrator" designation.

Cafeteria Plan Training & Certification ProgramCafeteria Plan Training & Certification Program

Section 125 Cafeteria Plans are one of the most-used benefits offered by employers in the United States, yet they are often among the hardest to design and administer because of the numerous design and reimbursement options and the complexity of handling reimbursement requests. The requirements for employers include:

  • Determining eligible benefits
  • Setting election caps
  • Establishing election periods
  • The Use-It-Or-Lose-It rule
  • Status Change rules
  • Acknowledging Highly-Compensated individuals
  • Passing non-discrimination testing

Take this course to help ensure you handle your compliance requirements correctly!

How The Programs Works

Each of our Training & Certification Programs include multiple chapters on how to properly comply with that topic's regulatory requirements.

Content is written in easy-to-understand language that includes starting each chapter with a "Lesson Goals" page that outlines the key items that will be taught in that Lesson, followed by multiple pages of training, and concluding with End Of Lesson Quizzes that test against the lesson goals.

Further, each course contains multiple "Examples", "Administrative Tips", and "Procedural Recommendations" to help you to understand and learn the details of correct administration. You can view a sample from our FMLA Training & Certification Program below for visuals and further explanations.

Lesson Goals

Each self-paced Training & Certification Program is delivered right to your desktop at the time you choose, and is loaded with information, examples, administrative tips, and interactive questions to help you understand and comply with Federally-mandated rules and regulations. You'll learn proactive design and administrative options, as well as key compliance processes and procedures to help reduce costs and health care claims, staring with a Lesson Goals page that tells you what you'll learn in that lesson.

FMLA training

Benefit From Great Content, Easy To Use Navigation

Each of our Training & Certification Programs includes great training content, written in non-legal terms and supported with numerous tips, examples, and procedural recommendations. "Glossary" and "Help" buttons also are included, as well as a special "Bookmark" feature so you can save your place as needed.

FMLA training

End Of Lesson Quiz

Lesson goals and learned content are tested through interactive questions during and at the end of each lesson. Answers to each question are provided right on that page to give you immediate feedback.

FMLA training


FMLA Certification Seal

And don't forget: upon completion of the Training portion of your Program, you can test for "Certification". Certification helps provide confidence to Managers and Administrators that the person handling FMLA administration has a good understanding of the complex requirements necessary for proper compliance.

What Are The Key Elements Of HR Administration?

Human resources administration encompasses various functions aimed at managing an organization's workforce effectively. Key elements of HR administration include:
  • Creating and managing HR policies and procedures
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • Employee Records Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Legal Compliance
  • Exit Management
  • Recordkeeping

What Are Some Common Mistakes In HR Administration?

HR administration can be complex, meaning that there are several common mistakes that employers and administrators may make. These include:

  • Not knowing or incorrectly complying with HR laws
  • Incomplete or inaccurate documentation on hiring, payroll, and other legal requirements
  • Failure to provide timely notices. For instance, employers are required to provide employees with certain notices regarding their rights and responsibilities under FMLA and COBRA
  • Incorrect classification of employees
  • Misclassification of leave
  • Failure to maintain compliance with regulatory changes
  • Poor or improper recordkeeping processes and procedures
  • Lack of Training

By being aware of these common mistakes, employers can take steps to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with FMLA and COBRA regulations. This may include implementing comprehensive training programs, maintaining accurate documentation, and staying informed about regulatory changes.

The Best Online HR Certificate Programs

The majority of the online HR certificate programs listed below are available not only online, but via virtual and in-person formats. Simply click on the course title for more details.HR Generalists training

Which HR Certification Programs Are Best For Beginners?

The answer to which HR Certification courses are best for beginners depends upon a number of factors. For instance, if you are new to HR, our HR Generalist Certificate Program is probably best for you as it provides a broad overview for anyone new to HR.

Similarly, if you work for a small organization, you most likely have to handle all or a vast majority of Human Resources compliance requirements, namely everything from benefits to payroll to retirement plans to cafeteria plans and more.

Conversely, if you work - or plan to work - for a larger organization, you are most likely to "specialize" in one of more of the above-mentioned topic areas, so should take training on that specific topic. For instance, if you are assigned to handle COBRA administration, you should take our COBRA Training & Certification Program; if assigned to handle payroll, take our Payroll course, etc. etc...

Are Online HR Certificate Programs Effective?

One could easily argue that online Human Resources Certification Programs or Payroll Certification Programs are extremely effective learning formats because you not only receive immediate feedback, but an online HR Certificate Program or a Payroll Certification Program means that you are being tested against what you learned.

Take our FMLA Training & Certification Program for example: following standard Instructional Design format, the course is broken into multiple "Lessons" of 20 or so minutes each that cover a specific topic or function. The first page of each Lesson includes Lesson Goals (in other words, the key learning points for that lesson), is then followed by training (in English, not legalese!) that includes numerous tips, examples, and procedural recommendations, then concludes with "End Of Lesson Quiz" questions that not only test the key learning objectives for that lesson, but provide answer rationale to help ensure learning.

Related HR Certification Programs

Add Value To Your Job And Your Organization With A "Certified Administrator" Designation

Compliance requirements for FMLA, ADA, COBRA, Cafeteria Plans, Retirement Plans, Payroll, and the like are very complex and subject your organization to severe fines and penalties for non-compliance - no matter how simple or inadvertent the error may be. Certified COBRA Administrator - 2023

Whether you are new to HR, being cross-trained, or coming from another discipline to take over the compliance requirements for your organization, you want to be certain that you do things correctly.

Our Certified Administrator designation provides great, consistent training from a trusted third party (no more learning from Bob, who learned from Sue, who learned from Mary, etc.), AND improves your personal value to the organization!

Each of these HR certification programs are self-paced, online programs that are designed by industry experts to provide in-depth training on the topic area. Each course includes numerous tips, examples, procedural recommendations, and interactive quizzes to help ensure that you are learning!

And once you complete the course, all content is available as reference materials so you look up things as needed. [ Read More ]

Gain A Competitive Advantage With A "Certified TPA" Seal

If you provide COBRA, Cafeteria Plan, Retirement, or other TPA services, you know exactly how competitive the marketplace is: you fight against "we can do it cheaper internally" or get stuck in price discussions about proposals from other TPA firms all the time.

But now you don't have to base your marketing on "We're Cheaper". Instead, you can differentiate your firm and lead with your "Certified TPA" seal to win and retain the business!National Association of Professional Benefit Administrators

Benefits of earning a Certified TPA seal include:

  • Standardized training from a trusted third-party allows you to provide consistent training to your employees
  • Time savings from having to train your staff internally
  • Free Management Interface that lets managers view employee progress, test scores, and any incorrectly answered test questions, which is great for remedial training!
  • Employee recognition through "Certified Administrator" certificates that are provided to each of your administrators who successfully completes a course

Bottom line, your Certified TPA seal tells your prospects and clients that your staff not only has been trained by a trusted third-party, but have passed a stringent Certification Exam that tests their administrative skills! But don't just take our word for it, we are the featured training partner for the National Association of Professional Benefit Administrators member TPAs! Read More

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