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Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program

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Learn The Procedures For How To Conduct An Internal Investigation!

An internal investigation is a formal inquiry to determine if organizational policies and/or laws have been violated. Investigations commonly are triggered by a complaint, allegation, a suspicion of misconduct, perceived or real harassment, or any number of other reasons, many of which are covered under federal or state laws.

Our Internal Investigations Training & Certification Program gives you the procedures for handling an Internal Investigation - as well as some rules for avoiding complaints to begin with! Internal Investigations Training

This self-paced, online program provides excellent guidance on how to conduct an Internal Investigation, and includes numerous tips, examples, procedural recommendations, and best-practice tips on how to conduct an Internal Investigation.

Benefits Of Our Workplace / Internal Investigations Training Course

Learn the proper steps and procedures for how to do a workplace investigation with our Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program. This course will help you to:

  • Understand the root causes of Internal Investigations
  • Know the employment laws and required disclosures affecting investigations
  • Deal with retaliation, defamation, and privacy issues during the investigation
  • Handle and process the Initial Complaint
  • Properly gather documentary, physical, and testimonial evidence
  • Document and assess witness interviews and statements
  • Determine who should - and shouldn't - be privy to the investigative details
  • Deal with political and other hot spots
  • Analyze investigative facts
  • Hold the preliminary findings meeting
  • Prepare the investigative report
  • Conclude your investigation
  • Effectively communicate and act upon your determinations well as communication, training, and policy tips for avoiding an internal investigation!

And as a special bonus, organizations enrolling three or more individuals also receive our Management Interface at no cost. This interface lets managers view employee progress, test scores, and any incorrectly answered test questions - great for remedial training!

And upon completion of the program, you earn the valued "Certificate In Internal Investigation Skills".

Certifications / CE Credits / Awards
Certificate of Internal Investigation Skills
Earn a Certificate of Internal Investigation Skills
HRCI Re-Certification CreditsSHRM Re-Certification Credits
Earn 8 Hours Of SHRM Or HRCI Re-Certification Credits
Recipient Of The ASTD Excellence In Design Award
Recipient Of The ASTD "Excellence In Design" Award

Who Should Use The Internal Investigations Training & Certification Program?

Our Internal Investigations Training & Certification Program is ideal for anyone who has to know Internal Investigation procedures or how to conduct an Internal Investigation. It is especially beneficial to those HR and other professionals who may not be familiar with the processes and procedures of how to conduct an Internal Investigation successfully.

What You'll Learn With Our Workplace / Internal Investigations Training Course

A workplace investigation is more than looking at theft or fraud. In fact, most workplace investigations now deal with claims of retaliation or non-compliance with state or federal laws. As such, you need to make sure you know exactly how to handle a workplace or internal investigation process - and our training programs can help! Here is just some of what of what you will learn:

  • Why employees complain - and what they complain about
  • How to determine who is an appropriate investigator
  • The potential pitfalls - and politics - to assess problems before a case begins
  • Dealing with harassment, Quid Pro Quo, and hostile work environment
  • Laws that can come into play when conducting internal investigations
  • Tips for effective witness interviewing
  • Dealing With Reluctant Witnesses
  • How to review and evaluate evidence to establish a fact pattern and timeline of events
  • Process for evaluating evidence to determine if you can conclude the investigation
  • Documenting corroboration and inconsistencies
  • How to present findings, succinctly, to enable leaders to visualize organizational impacts
  • How to write an effective report

So what are you waiting for? Get your Internal Investigations training now. After all, is the time to learn how to do an internal investigation when you are suddenly faced with having to do one?

Internal Investigation Training: Ordering Options
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    This ordering option is for our online Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program as described above. This course can be purchased as an online Training & Certification Program with discounts for purchasing training for multiple employees or administrators.
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  • Internal Investigations Certificate Program Seminar

    Our intensive, three-day seminar is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in internal investigations - and to arm you with the knowledge of how to properly conduct internal investigations to minimize legal liability and reduce employee complaints.

    This program is packed with practical tools, tips, and techniques to improve your investigative skills and boost your confidence in handling sensitive and complex employee issues. You also benefit from several case studies and access to our valued Instructors!

    FYI, our Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program is included in the cost of this seminar. So, when ordering a seminar, please remember not to order the Training & Certification Program for each participant, as they receive it as part of the seminar. Regarding pricing, the cost for this three-day seminar is $2,395.00 ($2,195.00 for 'Early Bird' orders placed 30 or more days in advance). We can even bring this training directly to your organization; simply call us at 678-366-3959 for details.

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Tips On How To Conduct A Workplace Investigation

Even the most well-managed workplaces may occasionally find themselves needing to handle issues, from allegations of harassment to missing office supplies. When these problems arise, a formal human resources investigation is an effective way of intervening, getting to the bottom of what happened and resolving the conflict. This process typically involves researching involved parties, conducting interviews and assembling a plan to fix the issue moving forward. Next steps may involve training, disciplinary action or other appropriate measures.

Workplace investigations are an asset to both employers and employees. Conducting a proper and timely HR investigation helps protect employers from claims that they enable discrimination by not handling issues correctly. It also protects employees by assuring them that specific allegations of wrongdoing will be thoroughly investigated and acted upon.

Steps For How To Conduct a Workplace Investigation

Conducting a thorough workplace investigation is riddled with practical challenges for an HR professional. From improper training and constantly evolving laws to contradictory stories being told, the process requires expert training and attention to detail. As with many good procedures, any investigation should start off with a plan. Below are some of the basic steps to consider re how to conduct a workplace investigation:

Plan Your Investigation
Before launching into your investigation, follow these steps to ensure you're starting off with all the information you need:

  • Define the purpose of the investigation to decide whether it's necessary
  • Plan your investigation thoroughly, including gathering information, making a list of people to interview, gathering additional evidence and consulting any witnesses
  • Once you've decided to move forward with the investigation, take prompt action

Conduct Your Investigation
A solid HR investigation will include a variety of interviews, ensuring you capture the accounts of everyone involved for a balanced perspective:

  • Conduct interviews with both the accused employee(s) and the employee who listed the complaint. You may also need to interview witnesses, if there are any
  • Gather relevant documents or evidence, such as emails, correspondence or photographs
  • Evaluate the evidence using previous training and logic, including interview assessments and evidence analysis
  • Decide upon the next course of action, which may be disciplinary action if the investigation finds that the claim is legitimate

Conclude Your Investigation
Once you've gathered all your information and finished interviewing involved parties, is the investigation over? Not yet! Before calling the process complete, there are a few concluding steps to take:

  • Write an investigation report explaining your conclusion and reasoning, which will go into the employees' files
  • Follow up with the original complainer may be necessary to make sure disciplinary action was effective and that the right steps have been taken to prevent the same issue from occurring again

Learn More About Workplace Investigations From HR Certification

As an HR professional, workplace investigations are likely going to become necessary at some point in your career. Gain confidence in your ability to handle these investigations with poise and professionalism through either our in-person seminar or online training course. HR Certification offers thorough human resources training programs online and in-person to help you excel in your career path. Contact us today to learn more about workplace investigation training, or click through one of the links above for find some great workplace investigations training.

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Internal investigations are a formal inquiry to determine if a company policy or law has been violated. Learn more about our internal investigation training!

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