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Table Of Contents - Internal Investigations

What Causes Complaints & Investigations:

  • Root Causes Of Employee Complaints & Internal Investigations
  • Frequently Investigated Areas

Laws Applicable To Complaints & Investigations:

  • Employment Laws
  • Required Disclosures
  • Retaliation
  • Defamation And Privacy

Handling Complaints:

  • Handling The Initial Complaint
  • Processing The Initial Complaint
  • Working With Counsel And Other Outside Professionals

Performing An Investigation:

  • Gathering Documentary And Physical Evidence
  • Gathering Testimonial Evidence
  • Documenting Witness Statements
  • Assessing Witness Interviews

Documenting Investigative Findings:

  • Analyzing Investigative Facts
  • Holding A Preliminary Findings Meeting
  • Preparing An Investigative Report

Concluding The Investigation:

  • Concluding An Investigation
  • Documentation

Complaint & Investigation Prevention:

  • Communication & Training
  • Corporate Policies
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