Certificate Program For HR Leadership - Table Of Contents

Certificate Program For HR Leadership

This comprehensive two-day seminar and workshop is designed for experienced HR professionals who seek to advance in their careers and/or take on a more strategic approach in their organization.

By attending, you will look at how you currently view your role in the organization, and how your duties, responsibilities, and outlook will change by learning key solutions, best practices, and strategic problem solving skills for improving your organization's bottom line.

The course includes ten information-packed training sessions - plus several Interactive Exercises - covering everything you need to excel as a Strategic HR Leader. You receive:
  • Information-packed training covering how you currently view your role in the organization and how you can become more strategic
  • Interactive sessions throughout the course to test your new knowledge



Understanding The Strategic Leadership Role
  • Traditional HR Perspective
  • Strategy Defined
  • Key Components Of Strategic Leadership
  • Leadership Versus Management
  • Benefits Of Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Traits And Barriers
  • Key Components Of Effective Leadership
Interactive Exercise:
  • Identifying Stakeholder Groups
Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning Defined
  • Steps To Strategic Planning
  • Aligning HR With The Strategic Plan
  • Selecting Tactics Based On Strategic Focus Area(s)
  • Supporting The Organization
Problem-Solving And Focusing Strategically
  • Strategic Problem Solving
  • Strategic Focus
  • Problem-Solving Model
Interactive Exercise:
  • Problem-Solving Practice
Understanding Your Organization
  • Understanding Your Organization
  • Expanding Your Expertise
  • Aligning And Focus HR Efforts
  • Developing Partnerships
  • Making A Case For Action
  • Taking Ownership
  • PEST Factors
  • VUCA Environment
Cultivating Influence
  • Key Traits Of Influence
  • Influence vs Leadership
  • Understanding Influence Versus Authority
  • Cultivating Influence: Key Components
Interactive Exercise:
  • Key Characteristics of Influential People
Ethical Considerations
  • Ethics And Business
  • Ethics And Strategy
  • Organizational Values
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Factors That Influence Ethical Choices
  • Corporate Culture And Ethics
  • Setting The Stage For An Ethical Culture
  • Tieing The HR Function To Values/Ethics
Day 2

Working With Other Departments
  • Your Industry And External Environment
  • Internal Company Environment
  • Department Functionality
  • Key Business Functions
  • Life Cycle Of An Organization
Interactive Exercise:
  • Connecting HR To Key Business Functions Of Other Departments
Communicating With Senior Leadership
  • Senior Leadership Communication Considerations
  • Tips For Communicating With Senior Leadership
Interactive Exercise:
  • Framing An Executive Conversation
Achieving Agility In Your Organization
  • The Agile Framework
  • The Business Case for Agility
  • Utilizing An Agile Mindset
Implementing Your Strategy
  • Aligning And Integrating HR To Business Strategy
  • HR Investment
  • Ways HR Can Impact The Bottom Line
  • Beyond Measurement
Interactive Exercises:
  • Taking HR To The Bottom Line
  • Applying HR Policies To Business Strategy
  • Applying HR Practices To Business Strategy
  • Learning From Key Metrics
Program Wrap-Up


If you have other questions, or need to get your co-workers enrolled, call us at 678-366-3959!

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