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Workplace Mentoring And Coaching 101: Key Skills For Managers And Leaders - Table Of Contents

Workplace Mentoring And Coaching 101: Key Skills For Managers And Leaders

Mentoring and coaching are key skills for professionals focused on delivering results through bringing out the best in people. If you are looking to learn how to maximize individual and team performance, you should attend this informative one-day program to unlock your coaching and mentoring potential.

Covering essential skills and best practices focused on teaching participants how to effectively coach employees and be a good mentor in the workplace, this one-day program provides key insights into how to effectively coach and mentor team members. You receive:
  • 7 information-packed sessions covering everything you need to excel as a coach and mentor
  • Several Interactive Exercises to test your new knowledge


Coaching Basics
  • Coaching vs. being "the boss"
  • Identify key differences between the "boss" mindset and that of a coach
  • Do's and don'ts of coaching-focused communication
Mentoring Basics
  • Characteristics and responsibilities of being a mentor
  • Establishing expectations for the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Setting ground rules for the mentor/mentee relationship
  • The role of coaching in employee motivation
  • How to create a motivating environment
  • Empowering employees to be motivated to reach their full potential
Effective Feedback
  • How to provide effective feedback in a coaching or mentoring relationship
  • Strategies for positive feedback (both appreciation and praise)
  • Strategies for feedback focused on performance improvement
Relationship Management
  • Define and develop the mentor/mentee or coach/coachee relationship
  • Building trust and adapting to individual differences
Key Mistakes To Avoid
  • How to avoid barriers to coaching success
  • How to avoid barriers to mentoring success
Program Wrap Up
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