COBRA Procedures Manual - Table Of Content


Below are the covered topics for both our COBRA Training & Certification Program and our Procedures Manual. While each includes numerous tips, examples, and procedural recommendations, the way each is used is different.

For the Training & Certification Program, the content is presented as classroom learning where you complete one lesson, then are quizzed on the what you learn before moving on to the next lesson. The Manual is typically used as a reference material, and allows you to click through to related links (instead of having to use an index, like at the back of a traditional book), so essentially you can click on any topic at any time to see not only that content, but all related content on one page. Click here to order the Training & Certification Program or the Manual individually, or both for a discounted price.


Employers And Plans Subject To COBRA

Individuals Covered By COBRA

The General (Initial) COBRA Notice

Qualifying Events

Qualifying Event Notices

The COBRA Timeline

Calculating COBRA Premiums

Billing & Collection Options

COBRA's Premium Payment Issues

Events Terminating COBRA Coverage

Other Rules & Requirementes

Employer Safeguards


Open Enrollment

Mergers & Acquisitions

COBRA And The Family And Medical Leave Act

Alternative Coverage Rules


Pricing/More Info/Purchase

Your COBRA training can be purchased as a Training & Certification Program ($599) or Manual ($599) only, or combined ($799). We also offer discounts for purchasing training for multiple employees or administrators.

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